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About Us

Stirling Vineyard Services (SVS) was created in 1993 and now manages nearly 1,000 hectares of vineyards throughout South Australia. We are headquartered and manage vineyards in the Barossa with operations in the Limestone Coast and the Adelaide Hills. Our sister company, the Blaxland Wine Group, has considerable skills in the sale and marketing of grapes and wine both domestically and overseas.

“Why use Stirling to manage your vineyard?”

Like most vineyard operators, we can efficiently manage your vineyard. Our strength is in the extras we offer:

  • We can help you sell your grapes - Each year we sell over 6,000 tonnes of grapes to most of the top 10 Australian wine companies.
  • We can help you make and sell wine – we have arrangements with local wineries and sell directly to leading retailers.
  • We have Finance staff – One of our Directors was the CFO at Australia’s third largest wine group.
  • We can analyse your numbers and help with banks.
  • We undertake small composting projects.
  • We have a vine pulling machine and can assist in vine reworking.
  • We run our own nursery and are presently engaged in importing vines from Italy.
  • We offer a drone service to analyse your vineyard from above.
  • In special circumstances we can self fund vineyard operations and recover our costs through a profit sharing arrangement.
  • We manage vineyards in the Barossa, Limestone Coast and Adelaide Hills. 

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SVS provides a full range of vineyard management services, including; development of vineyards (site analysis, land preparation, infrastructure layout and installation), ongoing farming, viticulture expertise, harvesting and delivery, and re-development of vineyards. We’ve designed our organisational structure to allow for maximum communication, and flexibility in being pro-active to the demands of producing the highest quality wine grapes for our clients.

Our Viticultural team utilises state-of-the-art technology for data collection, reporting, and analysing. Real-time and historical information is considered and utilised by our Viticulturists and our Clients to determine best farming practices for the winegrowing process.

  • Pruning
  • Various Spreading options
  • Cultivation / Cover cropping
  • Small scale composting
  • Trellis installation and maintenance
  • Vineyard development, removal and reworking
  • Weed control
  • Pest and disease management
  • Irrigation – review, operation and maintenance
  • Grape sales, bulk wine and marketing
  • All Harvesting services and delivery
  • and more….

Stirling Vineyard Services Tractor

Stirling Vineyard Services Tractor

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